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This is an rp  set in present time. We may have events or something of the sort where the setting is changed (For example Gakuen Hetalia) or even the time period, but other than those events, the rp is set in present time and is not an AU.

1. Respect everyone. Especially the mods and admins. They're here to keep everything running smoothly and correctly, and make sure everyone is having a good time. A healthy roleplay is a happy roleplay, and this is only possible with good mods! I can't stress this enough!

2. Be literate. - C'mon people. I'm not asking for much here. It's a plurk roleplay for crying out loud... most of it will be one liners. But what I mean is... No netspeak, please, unless it's being limited to the OOC plurks. Even then try to exercise caution. Try to have good grammar and spelling please. Again, we're not asking for much... we expect the occasional mistakes. Everyone makes them. But please, at least check your posts for errors first.

3. No Godmodding. Sometimes this can be an issue in roleplays, even if you don't know it. Don't freak out. There's always the occasional slip up, and sometimes you don't know if you're godmodding. If we find that you are, we'll tell you about it. But too much is too much sometimes. We have to draw the line somewhere, and that's why this is in the rules.

4. Be active. This can't be stressed enough. There have been so many falls to roleplays this way! Let's not be one of those! We don't really have an exact deadline as to constitute when you're officially 'inactive' or not... but if we see that you are we''ll shoot you some sort of heads up! Remember, we're watching you! If you don't respond after awhile or if the problem still persists even if you did respond to the message, we have the right to remove you and leave your spot open for grabs. Of course, the only exception to this is a hiatus.

5. This rp is rated PG - 13. If you want to do mature plurks, please do so in a private plurk so that people are forewarned.

6. If you have to hiatus, please do so in a private plurk as well.

7. If you have a miff with somebody (we don't want any drama...) please contact one of the mods first and foremost. If you can't get a hold of them when they're online, post a private plurk to them. We'll respond as soon as we can.

8. Everyone is limited to two character for now. This may change later, but until then, choose wisely!

9. Please reserve your character before applying! I'm not too harsh on this one, because it's not as big of a deal as all the other rules. (I mean, I'm not going to bar you from applying or anything because you didn't reserve a character... Just make sure you go back and do reserve after it's pointed out.) But I'd rather you hold your character before applying, for clarification reasons. A lot of people seem to be overlooking this, so I'm putting it in here. It'll also tell me if you really did read the rules in the end. ;)

Note: These rules are subject to change or modification in the future!

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